Family history shows that the Arlt’s, for more than 150 years, where involved in technical matters. First trained mechanic I know of was 1829 born Karl Martin Arlt, who became one of the early train-drivers of Germany. I remember to listen to the stories told by my grandmother – complaining that her husband, 1893 born Hermann E Arlt, a trained metal-turner, ruined the kitchens table cloth with chemicals. This was when he bought his first camera. He developed the exposed film on his own. I like to collect and read books, I’m interested in science, history, dogs and volunteering in political activities on municipal level. But the most important “hobby” was and is still – travelling to far away countries and meet people there from all walks of life!

My homepage is about this favorite passions.

Arlt Holzer family 1925
My ancestors – 100 years ago celebrate a wedding

Arlt family motto is “immer weiter” which translates “go on further”.

The professions of my ancestors cover a wide range of industries. But the majority worked as civil servants, mainly in the military (related) field. My father, H E Arlt, a professional soldier in WW2, started his own business after the war in the area of technical sales.

I began early a apprenticeship – programme as trained mechanic.

After finishing the military service in the German Airforce, I achieved a University degree in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering. Now, with more than 40 years of engineering and projects experience gathered in six German technology leading groups, I am working as a freelance consultant for clients in the Asia-Pacific region. Most projects of today are in the fields of pharmaceutical production or logistics technology. Also as tribute to the Corona pandemics, I settled down a bit more in recent times. And I got involved into local politics. Now I spend time and effort in the city-council of my town as member of the FREIE WAEHLER (free voters party) .

G E Arlt, 1993, supervising the assembly of the first baggage sorter at Kansai Intl Airport, Osaka, Japan

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